Artists Profile

Jo Kasper has over 3 decades of training and experience as an Angel artist and psychic.  She combines her artistic skills with her mediumship to produce beautifully evocative Angel artwork specific to her client or subject.  Jo's specialty is her angel reading and pastel, in which she combines an Angelic psychic reading with a pastel drawing of the Guardian Angel she "sees" with the client.  Long-distance phone sessions available, phone #505-228-8596 or if your in Albuquerque's Old Town visit us at the Angel Town shop .   Jo does readings at the shop on weekends.  For appt. call 505-243-8490 or 1-888-334-0589.

Ann Marie Eastburn is a versatile and talented Angel and Fairy artist with decades of experience.  Ann Marie's specialties include numerous murals (she has painted Angels and Fairies all over the walls of our Angel Shop), prints, posters, and book jackets.  We offer many of the Angel and Faery posters in her wide and varied repertoire.

David and Louise (Ortega) Alvarez handcraft northern New Mexico Ortega wooden Angels in the style popularized by Louise's father, the late Ben Ortega.  Each unique, handmade Ortega Angel is a one-of-a-kind, continuing a wonderful folk art tradition of Hispanic carvers and santeros in New Mexico.

Angel Pacheco is another extremely talented New Mexico ceramic Angel artist.  She produces delicate pottery angels with brilliant southwestern designs and colors for an affordable price.  Her work is definitely one of the favorites in our Angel Store.

Angel (Coriz) and Ralph Bailon are a husband and wife team of Santo Domingo Pueblo Native American artists who combine their talents to make some of the most unique and attractive handmade pueblo pottery Angels available today.  Angel continues in the tradition she learned from her mother, pueblo potter Marie Coriz.

Ted Young is an Albuquerque, New Mexico producer of unique, handcrafted silver Angel wings pins.  Ted's pins come in a wide variety of styles, many with semiprecious stone inlays.

Ivan Garcia makes beautiful Santo Domingo pueblo silver Angel Jewelry.  Ivan's silver Angel pins, pendants, and earrings are handmade with unique pueblo designs and brass hearts.

Richard Rivera is a Las Vegas, New Mexico santero who combines traditional and modern styles to develop his own unique Angels.  Using tin, wood, fabric and paint Richard creates beautiful one-of-a-kind Angels that are consistent favorites at art shows throughout the state.

Martha Arquero is an American Indian potter from Cochiti pueblo.  Her pottery Angels are handmade using natural materials gathered around the pueblo and designed in a traditional pueblo style.

Snowflake Flower is a Cochiti pueblo Angel potter who hand fashions her Native American pottery Angels in her own signature style.  Snowflake's work stands out from the crowd.

Diane and Clayton Lucero are mother and son Angel potters from Jemez pueblo.  Their work carries the distinctive colorations of the red Jemez clay and dyes traditonal to Jemez pueblo pottery work.

Cindy Fragua is a Jemez pueblo Angel potter whose small singing pottery Angels are always a favorite.

Elsie Nelson handmakes leather and wood Navajo Angel ornaments at her home at the Tohajiilee chapter of the Navajo Nation.

Sylvana Nelson is a Tohajiilee (Canoncito) Navajo artist who handmakes traditonal Navajo Angel dolls.

Bernice and Delia Gachupin are mother and daughter potters from Jemez pueblo who handmake pottery Angel pots, and Angel ornaments in many designs an styles, all with the red Jemez clay look.

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